First time abroad. Where to go?

The question of which country to choose for the first independent travel abroad can arise at any age. It is always easier to start with accessible and understandable directions. There are many countries in the world with visa-free entry for Russians, where they understand the Russian language and treat our compatriots well. Define important criteria for yourself such as the duration of the flight, the cost of the trip, the climate and always remember about safety.

Countries with visa-free or simplified entry

Do you have no experience of obtaining a visa on your own or just do not want to spend time on it? Choose a country that does not need a visa. Russian citizens can visit more than 70 countries on a passport with a stay of 14 to 90 days. Among the visa-free countries are popular Turkey, Israel, Thailand, Montenegro, a large number of countries in Asia and South America.

Simplified entry involves obtaining a visa online or at the border. For example, for a tourist trip to Cyprus, which is not included in the Schengen area, you need to fill out a form on the website of the Embassy and get a confirmation by e-mail. When entering Egypt, a stamp worth $25 is affixed to the passport. Chinese visa on arrival is put in the passport of Russian citizens flying direct flights to Sanya and Haikou (Hainan island), etc.

Countries where Russian is understood

The first time is always safer to go where you understand. Russian is the second most popular language in most of the countries that were part of the USSR. Among them are such States as Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova.

In Eastern Europe, too, understand the Russian language, especially the generation older than 40 years, who studied it at school. Czech Republic, Slovakia, East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria … Many Russian-speaking people live in Israel. When booking an apartment, pay attention to what language the owner speaks, it is likely to meet a former compatriot and immediately find a “common language”.

Countries where Russian tourists like

Top friendly to Russians countries: India, Cuba, China, Laos, Vietnam, Greece. Good attitude to Russian fellow Slavs in Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria… Important factors for understanding are the similarity of mentality, common history, religion. On vacation, it is better not to discuss politics, and a polite, respectful of foreign culture person will be welcome in any country.

Close and inexpensive countries

If you want to go to Europe, and financial opportunities are limited, pay attention to the state with its national currency. Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria are not included in the Euro area and prices are lower there. This principle does not apply to such expensive countries as Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and the UK.

The cost of the trip is also affected by the road to the destination, to determine the best directions of flights from your city helps map low prices. In the neighboring countries can be reached by car, bus or train.

Countries safe for tourists

If you do not care about prices, you should learn about the safest destinations for tourists. According to the Forbes study, the top ten most prosperous countries include: Singapore, Iceland, Switzerland, Bhutan, Mauritius, New Zealand, Cyprus, Ireland, UAE, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Information about the” hot spots ” of the planet is published on the website of the Russian foreign Ministry, it is not recommended to go there either in the first or in other trips.

The choice of the country for the first trip abroad depends only on your desires and opportunities.

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