Traveling without unnecessary things

Everyone is familiar with the picture at the airport, when a person hardly brings his things to the check-in Desk and learns that the amount of Luggage and its weight exceeds the baggage allowance. He opens the suitcase, begins to shift the contents and the question arises: “Why does he need all this?”Nearby there are people traveling the same route with one backpack. Of course, everyone has different needs, but really necessary things in the trip you need not so much.

  • After several years of traveling with a large suitcase, I realized that I carry in it something that I never wear or use. When flying budget airlines (low-cost airlines) baggage plays a crucial role in the cost of air travel. Heavy suitcases not only slow down and limit your movements, they can cause health problems. Convincing arguments? Then with no regrets put extra stuff!
  • Books. Nothing weighs as much as a 600-page hardcover book, so it’s best left at home. In order not to get bored on the trip, download e-books. On the plane, you can read the magazine of the airline, and many hotels have bookshelves with literature in different languages.
  • Umbrella-cane. Large umbrella does not fit in any suitcase, it means that it is uncomfortable to carry, easy to lose, it will interfere with others. It is more practical to take a small folding umbrella and/or a windbreaker with a hood.
  • Hair dryer and hair products. Most hotels have a Hairdryer, why take another one? It is unlikely that you will spend time on styling and complex hair care while traveling. A good haircut and 2 in 1 shampoo on a trip replace a whole Arsenal of cosmetics.
  • Lots of shoes. Limit yourself to two (maximum three) pairs. High-heeled shoes for women and patent leather shoes for men are only needed for special occasions. Do not take up much space flip-flops 100% useful to you on the beach, in the shower and as Slippers.SLR camera and tripod. Despite the fact that now is the time of widespread passion for photography, serious photographic equipment is needed only by professional photographers. A large camera and additional accessories is a whole piece of Luggage. For Amateur travel photos fit compact camera or smartphone. They are always at hand and do not have to worry about the safety of expensive equipment.
  • Laptop. Travel is different from a business trip, but, nevertheless, many do not stop working, checking mail and being in touch. In this case, a heavy laptop is better to replace the ultrabook or netbook, and the rest will be enough tablet or smartphone.
  • Extra clothes. A suitcase is not a wardrobe, you can’t take your entire wardrobe with you. Prefer a comfortable, crease-resistant and other things. If the trip lasts more than a week, clothes can be washed. Don’t take things with you that you never wear, they don’t stand a chance. Some things can go with you only in one direction, for example, an old t-shirt or a stretched sweater, they can be worn on the road and then throw away, freeing up space in the suitcase.
  • Large Souvenirs. Ethnic musical instruments, hats made of palm leaves, massive figurines, hookahs, canes, vases… the list goes on. According to the survey, Europeans annually spend 6 billion euros on unnecessary gifts from travel. Expensive and not very Souvenirs may not fit the requirement of the airline, they will have to pay extra or leave at the airport. Just take a souvenir photo.

Back home, don’t forget to make changes to your list of things for the trip. Cross out everything that is not useful to you and your next trip will be easier!

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