Where to get money for travel?

Unfortunately, no matter how romantic the word “journey” sounds, it is not devoid of a material component. The money is needed to pay for tickets, accommodation, cultural program. Clearly set goals, reasonable savings and positive motivation help to implement vacation plans. Universal tips for accumulating funds for travel and other pleasant things.
Where to get money for travel?

Very often you can hear the phrase”I have no money to travel.” Say its people with different wages. Of course, if the money is enough only for basic needs, you should think about increasing income. Otherwise, the problem is the inability to plan personal finances.

Set achievable goals

You can dream of a trip around the world, but it is much more real to buy a ticket to Berlin, go for a weekend in Riga or in the neighboring region of Russia. Real goals make them easier and faster to achieve.

Calculate your budget

Make a preliminary travel budget. Find out how much are tickets, hotel, add to this the amount of food, excursions, lay 5-10% for additional costs and Souvenirs. Do not forget about the fees on the road: the purchase of seasonal clothing, tanning products, a new suitcase, etc.Do not focus on the lowest prices, it is better to have a small supply of money than to be in a situation where they are not enough.

Do accumulation

Create your own “vacation Fund” and regularly contribute money to it. The comfortable level of savings is 10-15% of the monthly income. Postpone all additional earnings: bonus, part-time work. Money is best stored on an annual Bank Deposit with the possibility of replenishment and partial withdrawal. The Deposit will accrue small interest (additional incentive to accumulate).

In what currency to open a Deposit depends on the country of your trip. Rubles are likely to be needed for the purchase of tickets, booking accommodation and expenses in preparation for the trip. Currency is needed for payment on the spot: food, excursions, shopping, domestic travel, entertainment. It is more profitable to have two deposits: one in rubles, the second in euros (for Europe) or in dollars (for the US).

The most important thing that slows down savings is loans or money in debt. Try as quickly as possible to pay off all debts and do not take a loan for travel. Also, do not lend yourself, because the money can not be returned.

Stay motivated

Few people like to save and save, especially when the cherished goal is not so close. Make sure that you are surrounded and motivated by the atmosphere of travel. Hang in the house colorful photos of the selected holiday destination, put the screensaver on the computer, change the melody on the phone. Organize cooking evenings and film screenings on the theme of your trip. Even a small calendar with the Eiffel tower in your wallet can cheer you up and prevent an unplanned purchase.
What you can save

  • Plan your travels on your own. Look for the best prices for flights, stay in apartments instead of hotels (so you save on food), travel in the off-season.
  • Buy things on the road at sales. Shopping on trips is not only more pleasant, but also more profitable with a tax refund tax free.
  • Reduce spending on entertainment and gifts. Dinner at the restaurant or an extra day of vacation? A trip to the sea can be a great gift for a birthday or holiday date.

Make travel your priority, and then it will be easier to collect the necessary amount for the realization of your dreams.

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